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At Your Look Salon & Spa
We are proud to offer some of North Austin's finest
Hair, Nail & Skin Care services for Men, Women & Teens.

 Your Look Salon & Spa
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    Hair Lengths for Women & Girls

Short Hair                                         Medium Hair  
     Above the jaw-line                   Between Jaw-line & collar-bone 


            Long Hair
Between collar-bone & Shoulder blades 

 Extra Long Hair
Is Hair Past the Shoulder Blades !

Volume & Texture increase product usage and affect cost. If you have any concerns about cost due to length, volume or texture, please schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your hair needs.

 If you have hair past the shoulder blades it is considered extremely long & your services will definitely
be more then the prices listed here.

Hair Lengths for Men & Boys 

 Short....1/2" -1"

Medium .. 1"-3"
Long ...... 3"-6"
over 6" extra long

Prices listed here are "start at" 
for hair lengths as outlined Above.
 Extremely thick, long or porous hair could incur additional charges. 

 Hair Cuts 

~Dusting or Trim~
all Men, Women, Teens & Children
Defined as approx  1/8" - 1/4" Dusted off Ends for Optimum Hair Health
Best for Maintaining a perfect 
look while trying to achieve
 length, or
a Quick Style Pick-Up Between Cuts 
Short - $25
 Medium -
 Long - $45

Styling is Not Included With Cut and Will be Billed Seperately 

~Cut ~
Defined as 1/2-1"  off Existing Hair Style for Overall Style Maintenance .

Women's Cuts

Short $35
Medium $45
Long $55

Men's Cut

Short - $25
Medium - $30
 Long - $35

   Teen Cuts
Boys & Girls 10-13
Short - $25
Medium - $35
 Long - $45

Children's Cuts
  Boys & Girls
under 10

Short $20
Medium $30
Long $40

Extra Charge may be applied
 for Extreme Wigglers :)

Style Change 

 A Cut Going Shorter Requiring more than 2-3" off to achieve a New Look/Style/Shape
  Cost Determined by Amount of Work & Detail Your New Style Requires

Hair Styling 

 Blow Styling  

Short  $20 
Medium  $30
Long  $40

Blow Dry & Flat Iron or Curling Iron 

Short  $35 
Medium  $45
Long  $55


Short   $45
Medium  $60
Long  $75


Blondes with NO ORANGE!
 Rich Vibrant Browns  :)  & 
Sensational Head Turning Reds!!


 New Growth up-to 1" 

 Short  $55
Medium  $60
Long  $65




Womens Single Process Color (Demi) 
Short  $55
Medium  $65
Long  $75

Womens Single Process Color (Permanent)
Short  $65
Medium  $75
Long  $85


Men's Permanent Color

Short  $45
Medium  $55
Long  $65

Men's DEMI Color
Short  $40
Medium $50
Long $60

Glossing (Clear Shine or Color Shine)
Short        $45
Medium  $55
Long        $65

$/Foil & By Hair Length
Short        $2.50 per foil
Medium  $3.00 per foil
Long        $3.50 per foil

Color Correction

             Any Color Needing what we deem to be "Corrective Work" to 
achieve the look you desire . Including Single Process, Dimensional Hi/Lo Lights  etc...  
This could become very involved and it is extremely important that you
accurately disclose your hair history & products used.

By Consultation Only 


Get it STRAIGHT...
No Flat Iron! 
Eliminates Hours 
of "get ready time!

Pricing for ALL Chemicals Fluctuates up & down  based on amount of product used.

 Length, Volume & Porosity will determine the amount of product necessary to properly perform your chemical service & the final cost .

Prices Listed here are "Start At" & Average  Costs for the service listed. Your Final Cost may be Higher or Lower  depending on your hair.
Perms & Body Waves
Short $85
Medium  $100
Long  $115

Spiral & Specialty Perms 
Short  - not recommended
Medium  $125
Long  $155

Japanese Straightening
Priced upon consultation
Short  $300
Medium  $500
Long  $700

Smoothing Treatment
 Priced upon consultation
Short  $250
Medium  $350
Long  $550

 Hair & Scalp 


Shampoo Only

Short  $10
Medium  $15
Long   $20

Scalp Treatment

Short  $15 
Medium  $25
Long  $30

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Short  $10
Medium  $15
Long  $20

Protein Strengthening Treatment

Short   $40
Medium  $50
Long   $60

Heat Infused Custom Hair Treatment

Short   $25
Medium  $35
Long  $45


Full Head 
(We Provide Top Quality Human hair Only)
Priced by Consultation Only

We Offer Fusion, Crimp, Sew-In & other Methods which generally last up to 4 months.
Donna LiAne & Ashley's Signature Fusion Method can last more than 4 months with proper care & maintenance.

Single Solid Color Contrast Strands

Up To 10"   $5
10"-14"          $10
14"-18"         $15

  Over 18" add $2.00
 per inch each strand
             Example: 22" hair is $23/strand

Multi-Color Contrast Strands

Up To 10"   $10
10"-14"        $15
14"-18"        $20

            Over 18" add $3.00
 per inch each strand 
Example: 22" hair is $32/strand

 Extensions - Feathers

Hair Flairs Ribbon Feather Extensions

Priced based on feather length and how ornate or exotic each feather is ...
 >Choose from pre built bundles -
 >Custom Feathers available you choose feathers we  build your feather for you price $25.00 per half hour + Feathers


 Feather, Tinsel or Contrast Parties - We can come to you
- Great for Birthdays - Kick up the fun for any girly get together -  bridal showers, candle parties,  book clubs,  or any other event - 


  Hair Crystals 
Hair Flairs Hair Crystalz Crystals
  Coming Soon!

Professional Stylist / Salon Combo Kit
Add a little sparkle to your life :) 
with some Tinsel

10"  shorties   $5
18" half strand  $10
36" full Strand  $15


          up to 50 ~ 6-10mm Lashes Per Eye       $200
               50 to 75 ~ 6-10mm Lashes Per Eye       $300
75 to 100 ~  6-10mm Lashes Per Eye       $400

Custom Looks, Lower Lashes & Longer Lengths  Available
Priced by Consultation Only

Individual Lash Fills

"The Mini"
up to 15~  6-10mm Lashes Per Eye       $50
up to 25~  6-10mm Lashes Per Eye       $80
"Full On"
up to 50~  6-10mm Lashes Per Eye       $130

Standing Appointments get as many as you need to complete your look
Every 2 weeks  $50
Every 3 Weeks $100
Every 4 Weeks $150
after 4 weeks "New Full Set" Pricing applies


Spa  Packages Available Now ...More Coming To Website Soon Please Send All Spa Day/ Spa Package Inquiries for Groups to:

The Escape ... Includes...
Custom 45
min Facial,
choice of Body Wrap or Back Facial
Mani & Pedi,
Hair  or Scalp Treatment, 
  Dusting of Hair Ends & BlowDry

Value $325
$280  per person
group rates available

The Mini Escape ... Includes...
Mini 30 min Facial,
Mani & Pedi,
Hair Protine  Treatment,

Value $205
$180  per person
group rates available

Summer Spa Package... Includes...
Mini 30 min Facial,
Body Wrap 
Hair  Trim, Cond Treatment & BlowDry

Value $235
$210  per person
group rates available

 Wedding Service Package
For Your
Entire Wedding Party

  Will travel to you for Hair Style & Makeup
on wedding day all other services done in the Salon the week before.

Bride & Groom Services Free 
With Parties of 10 or more
Bride + 4  & Groom +

Your Personal Package Price
 Provided After Consultation.


Body Wraps

Detox Wrap ~
Body & Skin Toxin Removal
Not a one stop miracle - More like
one step towards a healthier you !

Belly      $50
Thighs & Arms   $40
Knees to Elbows  $80

Body Drench & Body Firming
  coming soon !

  "Mini Facial" 30 Min
Women  $65
Men   $60
Custom Express Facial" 45 Min
Women   $75
 Men   $70
"Relaxing Facial" 60 Min
Women   $105
 Men   $75

"Custom Facial 75 Min
Women   $105
 Men   $95

Ultra Deluxe Facial 90 Min
Women   $135
 Men   $120

Luxurious Back Facial
Women   $75
 Men   $90

MicroDerm      $99
with Decletae  $120
Buy 4 get 1 Free

Add On's :

Enzyme Peel   $25
Extractions     $15

Lash Tint      $25
Brow Tint      $20
Strip Lashes  $35

Waxing & 
Organic Sugaring

Brows               wax       $12
                          sugar    $15
LIP                    wax       $12
                          sugar    $15           
Chin                  wax       $12
                          sugar    $15
Side face  
       wax       $15
                          sugar    $20
Whole Face      wax       $45
                          Sugar    $60
Under Arm        wax      $15
                          sugar    $20
Half arm
 Fore Arm         wax       $20
                          sugar    $25
Full Arm           wax       $35
                          sugar    $45
Half Leg
 Lower Leg       wax       $45
                          sugar    $55
Full Leg            wax       $65
                          sugar    $75
Lower Back      wax       $25
                          sugar    $35
Upper Back      wax       $35
                          sugar    $45
Full Back          wax       $65
                          sugar    $75

Nail Care

Basic Mani $25
Basic Pedi $35
Both $55

Just The Basics ... Soak, Clip, Clean, File, Lotion & Polish

Premium Mani  $30
Premium Pedi  $40
Both $60
A Little Extra .. Same as the Basic ~ with a mini hand massage ...
 Plus for feet a Callus Remover & Replace Lotion with
Luxurious Skin Nourishing Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

Deluxe Mani   $35
Deluxe Pedi $55
Both $80
What's better than Premium you ask...
ALL THAT & A Warming Mask & Longer Massage for hands...
 An AWESOME Cooling MUD MASK Massaged Onto Feet 
Which are Wrapped with
Steamy Hot Towels
& a few extra minutes in the Massage Chair certain to melt away daily stresses ...
topped with a Foot & Lower Leg Massage :) YUMMY!

Nail Service Add On's


Mani  $10
Pedi   $15
Both  $20

Mani  $20
Pedi   $25
Both  $40

Shellac French
Mani   $25
Pedi   $35
Both   $50

Shellac Removal
Mani   $15
Pedi    $20
Both   $30           

Add On's

Hot Rocks $10.00 mani or pedi
     $15.00 Both

Rhinestones        $1.00 each
Nail Decals          $2.50 each
Charms                $3.00
Nail Art                 $5.00 each
RockStar Glitter  $5.00 each

All Services Available By Appointment Only


 What a refreshing Escape from the usual ....      
                                Thank You to all our clients your referrals mean the world to us